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In complementation to the homeopathic treatment, HOMOEOPATELIER supports the patient through illustrated and photographic images. The individual option of self-observation during the course of treatment.

before homeopathic treatment

during/ after homeopathic treatmentt

Personal description by a woman with Rheumatism - photographed during homeopathic treatment.

Told by Ariane H.

Homoeopathy-clinic-Homeopathy-Frauke Katharina George

I well remember the key situation, when I was sitting at the dining table with Frauke and we talked about my rheumatism and her work. Suddenly she said ... I could take pictures of you by times. My first thought was: never!!! ... how should I endure the lens, the focus on something I tried to hide for many years? I used to work occasional as a model, so I knew what to expect, just that my body es 'perfect' at that time. Only the idea was almost like a nightmare. And yet, there was the little voice that said ... do it, dare it!


And since I have absolutely confidence in Frauke and know about her sensitive and very perceptive way to associate with people, I dared. We went into the nature and began taking pictures of my swollen and partially deformed joints, from my body, from my face. Very close, very intimate, very personal.


The action itself meant a big internal negotiation with myself ... and yet ... once started a momentum was formed, almost a frenzy. Finally I was allowed to show myself, finally the body got the attention, which was due so long, what it had yearned for. That part of taking the pictures was already salutary.


Than the pictures itself .... a very emotional moment, which was taken with much care and attentiveness. Long, again and again, I could look me in the eyes, look at my feet, hands and body. Each time I discovered something new, discovered me ... myself. And each time, I became more friendly with this body, began to understand it and why I had rejected it for so long and saw, that I dont't have to reject it, that it is wonderful as it is. I began to accept my body, to even appreciate and be thankful for it. An incredible important and big step!!!!


Frauke lent me her eyes, neutral and not influenced by notions of how something has to be. Through this view, she enabled me to open a space, where I could look at my body as well. Value free and without guilt. And what I saw, I knew and I did not know and still not familiar yet strange, but certainly valuable. And lovable.


Recently I looked at the pictures and once again they have touched me as much as they did earlier. I see the vulnerability, but also I see the power and strength in this person. And I see .... the person is me!

I am eternally grateful, that Frauke enabled me to realize so, because it is an important milestone on my way to healing!


Before, I was treated many years with allopathy, including large amounts of cortisone and became very tired of the side effects. Along with homeopathic remedies and the support of self observation through detailed photographs, I was able to increase my self-confidence and my joints for much better flexibility of movement and pain relief.